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Brooklyn and Manhattan Carpentry Service

Our professional craftsmen have experience in doing carpentry work from framing a wall, hanging a door and installing various type of molding and trim. Moldings and trims give an elegant finishing touch to your ceilings and walls, which in turn helps increase your property value.

Affordable And Quality Carpentry Services

All of our multitalented craftsmen have many years of experience, with an average of over 10 years in the home repair and remodeling business.

Our basic carpentry service includes, but is not limited to:

  Removing and hanging doors
  Baseboard molding
  Window molding
  Picture rail molding
  Cove molding
  Bead, pearl molding and more

  Repairing/Building a deck
  Crown molding
  Chair rail molding
  Decorative molding
  Door molding
  Dentil molding

Are you eager to make your home or office look more refined? Call us at 718-839-9388 for a free consultation or get your carpentry estimate now.

We are one of NYC's most reliable home and

business improvement contractor.

Reasonable Quotation

When you contact us, we will schedule an appointment for our technicians to provide you with a free consultation and valuable cost-saving suggestions. We will also do an assesment of the job site to generate an affordable price quote within your budget.

We have completed thousands of commercial

and home improvement projects