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Get Hardwood Flooring Services in New York City

Perhaps you’ve just moved into an old apartment or office space in New York City. You like that old New York City charm, but want to polish it up a bit. We recommend refinishing your hardwood flooring to give your indoor spaces in Manhattan or Brooklyn a renewed classical touch.


Cost Friendly, Quality And Dust-Free Wood Floors

When you live in New York City, you don’t need added pollutants. That’s why we use an effective dust containment system when refinishing hardwood floors. It is a safe and healthy option for sanding, shining and protecting your wood floors.

Because we do our best in eliminating dust in the air of your home and having it spread across your interior spaces, the overall cost of refinishing wood floors can be kept low as there is relatively no clean-up required after the job is completed.

Comprehensive Hardwood Floor Services

We offer a full spectrum of hardwood flooring services including:

checkicon  Sanding and refinishing
checkicon  Floor repair
checkicon  Floor staining

checkicon  Floor screening and recoating
checkicon  Floor cleaning and maintenance

If you’d like to add a shine to your space with newly polished hardwood floors, call us at 718-839-9388 or get a free quotation today.  

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Reasonable Quotation

When you contact us, we will schedule an appointment for our technicians to provide you with a free consultation and valuable cost-saving suggestions. We will also do an assesment of the job site to generate an affordable price quote within your budget.

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