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Strip And Wax All Types Of Floor

Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Buffing Services in NYC

If you are looking for a floor cleaning company near you in Brooklyn or Manhattan, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to many of our other cleaning offerings, we also offer floor stripping and waxing services.

Floors are the most valuable areas in homes, offices and other interior spaces. When maintained properly, floors have a prolonged lifespan and an improved aesthetic appeal.

Why Scrub or Buff Floors?

Floor buffing and scrubbing helps to remove scratches, scuff, and abrasions in the floor finish, giving it a clean and enhanced appearance. We use a floor machine because soil, dirt, and other unwanted particles cannot be removed simply by mopping or using regular cleaning products. A clear floor helps prevent accidents and controls bacterial growth by eliminating embedded bits of food particles on the ground’s surface.

Why Polish, Wax or Burnish Floors?

When floors are properly polished or burnished, there are fewer chances of slipping, tripping, and falling. Also, floors that are properly polished are protected from permanent damage, stains, and premature wear.

Great and Affordable Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Our experienced technicians will knock your sock off with their affordable and quality home-and-commercial floor stripping service. Here are more reasons to trust your floors with us:

checkicon We use a high gloss, ultra-high-speed thermal system
checkicon Your floors will last longer and maintain a higher gloss.
checkicon Hardened surfaces will resist black marks and scuffs.
checkicon Your floors will gain uniform beauty with non-slip traction
checkicon We can schedule regular visits to meet your needs.
checkicon Our service is both dependable and thorough.

We have 3 floor-care packages to choose from:

When To Scrub, Spray, Buff, Polish or Burnish Floors

An effective floor care program is essential for both residential and commercial properties but is based upon the changing needs of each interior space. Here are various service frequencies that we recommend to office managers and building owners:

checkicon High Traffic Lobbies & Retail: 2-5 times per month.
checkicon High Traffic Hallways & Aisles: 1-2 times per month.
checkicon High Traffic Classrooms, Labs & Offices: 1-2 time per month.
checkicon Low Traffic Lobbies & Retail: 1-2 times per quarter.
checkicon Low Traffic Halls & Aisles: 1-2 times per quarter.
checkicon Low Traffic Classrooms, Labs & Offices: 1-2 times per quarter.

The frequency of scrubbing, buffing, burnishing, or polishing your floors will be determined by your budget and your desired level of appearance.

We’ll make sure the cost of stripping and waxing your floors won’t turn you away from wanting to set your feet on an amazingly smooth and clean surface. Call  718-839-9388 or get your estimates now based on a floor stripping and waxing cost per square

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Reasonable Quotation

When you contact us, we will schedule an appointment for our technicians to provide you with a free consultation and valuable cost-saving suggestions. We will also do an assesment of the job site to generate an affordable price quote within your budget.

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