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While it may seem tempting to go with a quick fix for minor wall issues and water damage, it can cause more drywall damage and mold in the long run. At Bolo Clean, we are equipped to help, whether it’s a small dent or large cracks in your drywall, our skilled technicians in Manhattan and Brooklyn have several ways to fix and smooth drywall defects in your home or commercial space.

Affordable Drywall Repair Services And Cost

We offer all kinds of drywall repair services. They include:

  Drywall ceiling and seam repairs
  Drywall finishing
  Drywall retexturing
  Drywall screw hole repairs

  Finding drywall studs
  Drywall leak repair
  Drywall stain removal

A Sheetrock Repair in Time Saves Nine?

Drywall repair must be done properly to avoid future problems and to produce the best finished-look possible. If postponed or done incorrectly, your home's walls may literally begin to fall apart, which reduces the value of the property. When you repair your drywalls, you help minimize your overall home repair costs.

We are reliable, licensed and experienced sheetrock contractors and guarantee affordable drywall repair quotes for timely, quality service.
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